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Taekwondo at South Melbourne Park Primary School gymnasium on Monday during the Term. Children meet in the gymnasium where they change and eat a snack. Class is 3:45pm to 4:30pm

This also includes a once off free uniform and a Grading at the end of the term upto RED BELT

Please download Team App for all information updates.

** dobok (white uniform) given at their next class.

New Student @ South Melbourne Park PS, incl uniform & grading



    Name and address of Provider:
    Black Dragon Taekwondo Int – 1/449 Graham St Port Melbourne

    The Participant acknowledges that the activity being undertaken is an activity being undertaken for the purposes of recreation, education, enjoyment or leisure which involves a significant degree of physical risk. The Provider acknowledges that they are providing Recreational Services detailed below which means; providing facilities for participation in a recreational activity, or training a person to participate in a recreational activity, or supervising, adjudicating, guiding or otherwise assisting a person’s participation in an activity.

    The Participation hereby acknowledges that in attending the recreational activity that there are inherent risks involved to him or her or other people in their care and control. This agreement is directed and limited to inherent risks that are patent. The participants also acknowledges that the purpose of the recreational activity is for the benefit of the Participant and for the benefit of those people attending with the Participant and that all times the Participant is responsible for his or her own actions and the actions of those people in his or her care control.

    Description of Recreational Services: TAEKWONDO FITNESS/CIRCUIT FITNESS

    The Participant acknowledges that during all times while he or she is attending the recreational activity he or she does so at his or her own risk and that the Participant and other people in the care and control of the Participant will not hold the Provider or any of its employees or agents liable for any personal injury or breach of contract whether caused by the negligence of the Provider its employees or agents howsoever caused or otherwise. The Participant acknowledges that in the event that he or she or any of the other people in their care and control find either or any of them is in difficulty that they are to stop the activity or request that the activity be stopped if appropriate, and seek help and/or assistance and advise.


    By purchasing this membership I understand that the Recreational Services about to be sold to me as set out in this form may cause me and or my dependants personal injury or death. By purchasing this membership I understand that I and my dependants waive our rights to sue the Provider for losses relating to my and or my dependants personal injury or death that result from any negligence cause by the Provider.

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